“Whether you’re eight or eighty, your cells are composed of the same amount of god.”–Tosha

Sacred Aging

holding your divinity at any age

with Tosha Silver

“Whether you’re eight or eighty, your cells are composed of the same amount of god.”–Tosha

Sacred Aging

holding your divinity at any age

with Tosha Silver

What you’ll get with the course:

  • Six Live 75- minute Zoom Classes–All calls are recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience.
  • BONUS extra recording, a special meditation on uniting with your own inner planets.

why i created this course

First of all, when I did a recent free eclipse call, we received hundreds of messages requesting that I finally teach an astrology class after all these years. Ok, I agree!


Second, during the three decades I was a reader, I often heard from people who feared or even hated their own charts. They would talk about their ‘horrible’ Mars retrograde or their cursed twelfth house. Others believed their future was hopeless when certain transits were about to arrive.


And these experiences used to break my heart. I discovered that part of my own path was to help people, especially those with difficult charts, to see the spiritual opportunity of whatever they had. (I suppose I was uniquely suited to this with 16 squares myself!) This approach doesn’t sugarcoat the genuinely challenging parts of destiny but allows the evolutionary possibilities and gifts to take the lead.


To be honest, I’ve long wanted to do an astrology course that’s infused with the ideas of surrender, offering, and Divine Order. Because I often think, “Who is the One that created the chart in the first place? Why WOULDN’T you include and offer it all to Her?” So as we go through this course together, Love Itself will be invited to show both the beauty and the opportunities of your unique astrological mandala.

this course includes five sessions and will cover the following topics:

  • Breaking the habit of self-rejection – People reject themselves for many reasons that transcend aging, but age is one of the most prevalent and toxic reasons.


  • Know your true identity beyond the body – It is a paradox that you have a body but are also a spiritual entity, an eternal body.


  • Be open to the Divine rebirthing herself through you – Invite the Divine to constantly take the lead through you in constantly resolving karma and iterations of your life. When you learn to be open to the flow of life your understanding of aging will be very different.


  • The astrology of aging – Every age has a profound phase. 40, Uranus opposition, 50 Chiron, 60 Saturn. Every age has profound turning points that open up unique opportunities to awaken.


  • How to recognize and shift the Matrika Shakti – Recognize and stop negative self-talk and the cycle of negativity around it, and shift the framing of aging away from self-deprecation and towards empowerment. It is also important to pay attention to the company you keep and not be pulled into a group-think trance of negativity.


  • The importance of caring for the body – You own the body you have, and it is important to find ways to be as present in it as you can be throughout your life.


  • Reclaim your identity as “subject,” not “object” – Our society encourages everyone, and women, in particular, to find their identity and value through the eyes of others. In a society that idealizes youth, this toxic societal paradigm is particularly destructive as people age.

who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who feels that the passage of time and aging is a source of suffering.


While it is easier to see ageism in treating people whose hair is graying and whose wrinkles are more prominent, angst and suffering around age affect people throughout their lives.


Our bodies constantly change as time passes, and how people react to us in ways that are different from what we expect and desire can cause pain.


Whether you have struggled with this issue is for you to decide, not for anyone else to judge, and these teachings are designed to help anyone interested in waking from the trance that you are any given age.

zoom video call schedule

Call Dates:

  • Thursday, ??
  • Friday, ??
  • Sunday, ??
  • Friday, ??
  • Sunday, ??
  • All classes will be live at 10:00 am EST / 7:00 am PST

Links for the Zoom video calls will be sent out the evening before the scheduled call. All calls are recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience.

For the past 30 years, Tosha has taught people around the world practical ways to align with Inner Love. Crazy but true, until she stopped in 2012 to write and teach, she’d given around 30,000 readings. She’s the author of Outrageous Openness, Change Me Prayers, and It’s Not Your Money. She currently runs Living Outrageous Openness, an online forum that offers daily support to those who want to live from surrender and offering. For more information or to join click here. 

frequently asked questions:

The calls will be broadcast on Zoom, and you'll receive a link for the call the day before via email. If you haven't participated in a Zoom call before, the first time you click on the link you will be prompted to download and install Zoom. This will be a one-time action.

Sessions will be recorded so that if you miss the live session you'll be able to view or listen to it at your convenience.

You can listen, audio-only, on Zoom. After the call, the recordings will be stored in your online account at ToshaSilver.com. We'll have both a video and audio recording stored there for your convenience.

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