“Whether you’re 8 or 80, your cells are composed of the same amount of god”–Tosha

Sacred Aging

know your divinity at any age

with tosha silver

“Whether you’re 8 or 80, your cells are composed of the same amount of god”–Tosha

Sacred Aging

know your divinity at any age


What you’ll get with the course:

  • Five Live 70- minute Zoom Classes–All calls are recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience.

why i created this course

Back in 2022 I taught a course called “Astrology and Fate.” One of the weeks focused on how differently you see aging when you know your true identity isn’t just your limited human body. Every chart holds the curriculum your soul is learning while housed in its current temporary form.


Understanding all this opens the way to Sacred Aging.


Though that astrology course covered many topics, the aging section lit a real fire in many people. Over the last year we’ve received several hundred requests for a class on only this. But life kept delaying me until one particular letter came and I could wait no more.


A woman I’ll call Gisele wrote to say her attractiveness had been valued above all else from childhood on.  So that became her identity.. And as she got older and lost her ability to ‘turn heads’ she felt her life grow useless. Something in her letter was so poignant and heartbreaking, such a pure patriarchal tragedy, it made me want to offer this course right away. I knew Gisele wasn’t alone.


So I really look forward to diving deep Into this topic with you. Especially for all the ways a crazy culture so obsessed with youth is brutal on everyone, but women most of all. Even many in their twenties and thirties are terrified to age, let alone those of us who are older.

Yet what happens when you stop drinking the culture’s poison?


You reclaim your sacred nature.


(By the way, since hardly anyone escapes the ravages of ageism nowadays, this course is open to all genders or life chapters.)


Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t one of those ‘how to stay eternally young’ promotions that are ubiquitous. Instead, we’ll focus on something far more powerful: how to anchor the identity in something vaster than the ever-changing human body.


We’ll delve into the Plutonic Path—a holy journey of resurrection, transformation, and personal growth that lets you be birthed and rebirthed by the Goddess Herself throughout this lifetime, No matter what ‘number’ you currently are. Through this path, you can unlock the true hidden potential and meaning of this incarnation.


We’ll cover many other topics, but here’s a big one: how age lets you move from being an Object to being a Creator. Though I myself was obsessively creative as a child, I watched that flow dry up as I succumbed in my teens to being an object. I could no longer access my inner Creator; I could only be ‘seen.’ And second or third-wave feminism notwithstanding, this experience is still common for women just as Giselle wrote! It was no accident that at 50 my own creativity reignited like a house on fire as objectification subsided.


For this and so many other reasons, aging, far from being something to dread, can be a holy natural passage that happens to all life. It can reveal your own radiant splendor. Or as David Bowie once said, “It can turn you into who you were meant to be all along.”


I look forward to taking this journey with you!

“Women simply aren’t allowed to age…we’re supposed to defy gravity, time, and everything natural in order to achieve this bizarre everlasting youth that isn’t required of men.”–Jameel Jamil

this course includes five sessions and will cover the following topics:

  • Know your true identity beyond the body – Though you’ve got a fiinite physical body, you’re simultaneously radiant consciousness, an eternal Self who has always existed and always will. We’ll explore this paradox!
  • Let the Divine rebirth Herself through youWhen you invite the Divine to truly take the lead, you go through many lives within this one.   Your idea of aging radically transforms.
  • Recognize and shift negative Matrika Shakti – Negative self-talk about age can be changed, even in a culture that teaches shame and self-hatred You leave self-depreciation and apology for true empowerment.

  • Reclaim your identity as “subject,” not “object” – Women in particular are taught to find their value as objects seen through the eyes of others. As you reclaim yourself as a ‘subject’ you reclaim your power and authority.

  • Befriending the body – We’ll focus on various ways to become a true ally and friend to the body and give it what it needs no matter what age.

  • The astrology of aging – Every age has a profound purpose. 40 and 80 have Uranus activations, 50 the Chiron return, 30, 60 and 90 belong to Saturn. Every age brings unique opportunities to awaken.

who is this course for?

This course is for ANYONE who feels that aging and the passage of time is a source of suffering.


While it is easiest to see ageism with people whose hair is graying and whose faces are more wrinkled, the lopsided worship of youth affects almost everyone. Even people in their twenties and thirties have reached out to say they can’t wait for this course! (Including women who have felt the ticking biological clock for childbearing).

So no matter what your age, if this is a charged topic for you and you want a whole new creative and spiritual approach, come join us!

“When you’re an old soul chronological age might be the most irrelevant thing about you.”–Tosha

zoom video call schedule

Call Dates:

  • Sunday, October 22
  • Saturday, October 28th
  • Saturday, November 4th
  • Saturday, November 11th
  • Saturday, November 18th
  • All classes will be live at 11:00 am EST / 8:00 am PST

Links for the Zoom video calls will be sent out the evening before the scheduled call. All calls are recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience.

For the past 30 years, Tosha has taught people around the world practical ways to align with Inner Love. She’s the author of Outrageous Openness, Change Me Prayers, and It’s Not Your Money. She lives in the Hudson Valley where she runs Living Outrageous Openness, an online forum that offers daily support to those who want to live these beautiful practices. She definitely refuses to be defined by her age. For more information or to join click here. 

frequently asked questions:

The calls will be broadcast on Zoom, and you'll receive a link for the call the day before via email. If you haven't participated in a Zoom call before, the first time you click on the link you will be prompted to download and install Zoom. This will be a one-time action.

Sessions will be recorded so that if you miss the live session you'll be able to view or listen to it at your convenience.

You can listen, audio-only, on Zoom. After the call, the recordings will be stored in your online account at ToshaSilver.com. We'll have both a video and audio recording stored there for your convenience.

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